Drink More W A T E R

The Importance of W A T E R

Drink more water! Everyone knows we need to drink water, but just how important is it?

Water’s major functions include:

-Flushing out toxins from our system

-Cushions delicate areas like the brain, spinal cord, and eyes from shock or trauma,

-Lubricates our joints and cartilages, so during dehydration there is more risk for friction causing joint, knee, and back pain that can lead to injury and arthritis

-Regulates body temperature through perspiration and cools the body

-Allows for proteins and carbohydrates to be absorbed and used by the body, we need both for energy, growth, development, and a healthy functioning body and without water they are useless

-Carries nutrients and oxygen throughout the body

-Plays part in every body process including breathing, muscle movement, digestion, and waste removal, all would be impossible without it and we simply couldn’t function

How can we make sure to get enough water?

-Drink a minimum of 8, 8oz glasses of water daily: This varies based on individuals and how active they are, if they live in a warm climate, and sweat a lot (they’d need to drink even more!)

-Set yourself reminders (Use a water reminder app to help!)

-Always keep a glass/bottle nearby with water

-Cut down on caffeine, alcohol, and other sugary beverages that dehydrate the body and lower water supply

You may be dehydrated if you have dry skin, dry or sticky mouth, experience irritability or confusion, skin that doesn’t bounce back when you pinch it, trouble focusing, trouble sleeping, fatigue, headaches, and/or unquenchable thirst.
A good way to tell you are hydrated is when your urine is a very light, mostly clear color!


Drinking water increases energy! Helps you think, concentrate, and stay focused and alert!

Keeps the belly full and reduces unnecessary hunger that is often confused with thirst! Raises your metabolism, and helps maintain a healthy weight! Reduces risk for kidney stones and UTI’s! Gets rid of wastes as you sweat and urinate! Aids digestion! Helps you stay regular and prevents constipation! Helps maintain skin by keeping it moisturized, soft, and smooth! Keeps immune system strong and fights against common illnesses!


It’s simple! Drink water, look good and FEEL great!