Epsom Salt Baths for Stress, Sleep and Recovery

One of my favorite nightly rituals is filling the tub with hot water, Epsom salt, grabbing a book, a glass of wine and playing some Sade or Norah Jones. We all deal with stress in our own ways and clearing your mind and letting go of it all can help keep cortisol levels at bay and help with getting a good nights rest. These days everything seems to cause health problems so this is just a quick simple and inexpensive way to add some health benefits to your weekly routine. What could be easier than sitting in water?? We know that our skin acts as a barrier but it actually absorbs what we put on our bodies and a percentage of that also ends up in our bloodstream.

Stress decreases magnesium levels so adding some Epsom salt to your bath can help restore this. Epsom also contains sulfates that can help draw out toxins and leaving you feeling more relaxed and also helping with issues like inflammation or soreness caused by exercise. Sit in the bath for about 20 mins until youre sleepy and watch how effective it is for relaxing! Dont overdo it! Here's how much you should add according to your weight:

Children under 60lbs add ½ c to a standard bath

60-100lbs add 1 c of salts to bath

100-150lbs add 1 ½ c to bath

for every +50lbs add in an extra ½ c