Multigrain Vs. Whole Grain!

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to the difference in grain products and some labels can really make it confusing to differentiate what you are really buying. 

When shopping for grains, the most important thing you are looking for is for them to be labeled “WHOLE”.

If a package says whole wheat, what that indicates is that the wheat used to make it has not been refined or processed and still contains all the good stuff (nutrients) like bran, B vitamins, iron, and zinc.

100% wheat, on the other hand, only means it is made completely with wheat, however this wheat is most likely processed and not whole, lacking in nutrition.

Multigrain products can be a little confusing as there is no standard for regulating “multigrain” on a label, and any product can have it as long as it contains more than one grain. The problem is that you can’t be sure if the product you are buying processed, bleached, or refined grains with this label alone, so always check ingredient list to see if the grains contained are whole or not.

Your best bet is to look for WHOLE wheat and WHOLE grain products as you can be certain they are made of unrefined grains like barley, rice, oats, flax, and wheat :) and always double check the ingredients to make sure it matches the label!