Natural VS Refined Sugar

All carbs and all sugars are NOT created equal! Today I had someone message me telling me how lucky I was that I got to eat fruit. They claimed their tell me that their 'trainer' didn’t let them have fruit because it contained sugar. I literally stared at that message for a full min remembering how that used to be me. Maybe it was the Atkins craze and low-carb dieting (who knows) but somewhere along the way refined carbs inadvertently gave all carbs (esp fruit) a bad rap. I've been on the low carb diet in the past (heck I think I tried any and every diet in the past) and what I can tell you is that eliminating carbs is only possible for a short period of time hence why it's a 'restrictive diet' and not a lifestyle! There's a major difference between refined and whole food sugars which is why I don't believe in IIFYM. A refined food like white sugar/flour has been processed and stripped of nutrients, fiber, and water which increases the speed at which it enters your bloodstream. Refined sugars are not good and can be highly addictive BUT whole food simple carbs like fruits and veggies come in their 'complete package' which includes the right proportion of water and fiber which help facilitate the natural rate of digestion and absorption. Having a high fruit diet has literally changed my life and energy levels for the better! Oh yeah....and I still have abs! If your 'trainer' is telling you not to eat fruit....throw an apple at them.